Feature Film: Flexx

The employees of a mediocre gym franchise struggle to keep their jobs, as corporate reviews their performance and menacing Persians from a neighboring hookah bar fight to take over the gym.

HOWARD KINSLEY is a middle-aged, sex-crazed, power- abusing sleazebag. Chicks seem to dig it. He also happens to be the incompetent manager of the Flexx gym franchise. His team is made up of: ANDY NICHOLS, an aspiring socially-awkward screenwriter and reluctant employee. VALERIE HUDSON, the gorgeous front-desk girl and object of ANDY’s (and everyone else’s) desire. DAMON WELLS, the cocky, pretty-boy trainer and VALERIE’S former lover. HORST CALDWELL, the gym’s intimidating meat-headed salesman and ANDY’s worst nightmare. ANAEL BENDORO, the mysterious and sexually ambiguous Zumba/Yoga/Pilates instructor. JENNICA NEWMAN, the ditzy blonde trainer, who’s clients only show up to oogle her as they jog side by side on the treadmills. And RODRIGO MARTINEZ, the short scrawny Latino janitor at the gym. RODRIGO doesn’t speak english, which makes him the perfect scapegoat for everything that goes wrong at Flexx.

In addition to his dysfunctional staff and his own personal limitations, HOWARD finds himself having to deal with encroaching pressure from the corporate home office in the form of an undercover auditor, and hostile takeover attempts from shady Persians who operate a neighboring Hookah Bar in the strip mall. The Persians want the gym’s space to expand their own business. HOWARD, of course is more concerned about finding out who stole his fleshlight.